Some links related to Direct Primary Care and medicine

These are general sites that I use as a reference or find interesting.  

The usual disclaimers are pertinent, I can't fact check every item on these sites and you shouldn't rely on the internet for your health advice, ask your physician.  The same hold true for Health Savings Accounts, Affordable Care Act requirements, etc. and your accountant or advisor.

If you can't get hold of your physician easily or your physician requires an appointment to discuss an issue, then Direct Primary Care (DPC) can solve that.

For patients:

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has lots of great resources about prevention, vaccines and travel medicine.

The American Association of Family Physicians' site has general health advice.

Direct Primary Care:

Time Magazine's 2014 great introductory article on Direct Primary Care

A long but fantastic 2015 discussion about DPC on Minnesota Public Radio (good for a long commute or while doing house chores)

For physicians:

The Maine Medical Association has lots of resources for Maine physicians.

AAFP's policy statement on Direct Primary Care