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Patient Surveys

Now that we've been open for three months, we feel it's time to start getting more formal feedback from patients.   While there are plenty of complex (and expensive) surveys used for this by hospitals and the insurers, we're keeping it simple for now.   Jen created our own anonymous survey asking the questions we're interested in as we continue to refine the practice.

We sent these out to those of you that have signed up for the patient portal (which I highly recommend you try) and we're also giving out paper surveys to those of you we see at the office this month.  If you haven't received a survey yet and would like one, let us know.

So far the results are reassuringly positive.  Patients like the direct primary care model once they understand how it works and try it out.  Even without the survey, we've noticed that new patients are referring others to our practice.

While this survey helps us plan how to improve our growing practice, eventually we'll also look at some survey tools that help patients review their health care such as Dartmouth College's How's Your Health.