With our low overhead, we're able to offer basic primary care at a very low cost.     A monthly membership fee, billed via credit card or automatic bank account withdrawal,  includes annual health maintenance visit (physical), a flu shot, and great access to your physician by phone or secure internet portal.    To keep the price of monthly memberships as low as possible, we charge a $20 scheduling fee with each office visit (except for the annual physical included in your membership).

Monthly membership fees vary by age.  For patients up to 21 years it is $25/month.  For patients aged 22 to 64 it is $40/month.  For patients 65 or older it is $55/month.

A few tests and procedures may have small additional charges. House calls, available when necessary, are $60.   Vaccines except an annual flu shot, are not included as these can vary widely in cost.  In Maine, most children's vaccines are available for free from the state.

Two office visit notes with billing codes, suitable for applying for reimbursement from insurers that may offer this, are included as part of membership.  Additional visit billing codes are available for a small fee.

A one-time entry fee, equal to one month's membership, will be charged for new members .  A reentry fee will apply to those who leave the practice but then wish to rejoin at a later date.

Legal services such as medical testimony are not included in the membership but are available.

Inpatient care is not included in membership.


Addiction treatment with Buprenorphine and counseling is available to our primary care members for an additional monthly fee of $250 for the first year. Following 6 months of successful treatment and compliance, this fee is reduced to $200. This includes individual and group counseling with no scheduling fee for counseling visits.  Physician visits have a $20 scheduling fee (the same as for most primary care visits).