Employers can benefit from Direct Primary Care too.

Employers can reduce the costs and hassles of medical care for their employees with Direct Primary Care. Several local employers reimburse employees for membership in our practice, giving them the comfort and convenience of great access to their own primary care physician at a low cost to the employer.

With better access, studies have shown DPC reduces ER visits, expensive tests and consults, not to mention employee missed time from work.

Local and regional brokers and third party administrators such as: George Claasen of Class Insurance, Joel Allumbaugh of Allumbaugh Agency and Jim Ward of Patient Advocates have all helped employers pair Direct Primary Care with insurance or partially self-insured packages that can cover hospital and other medical care. In doing so, employers are able to offer better health care options while saving money.

More recently, we've joined with other New England Direct Primary Care Alliance practices to allow larger and regional employers to offer Direct Primary Care to employees in multiple locations in Maine and New England. Maine Energy Marketing Association member businesses now have this available through their new health plan.

Give us a call to learn more about the many benefits and get started with adding DPC to your employee health benefits.